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Newsletter No. 30 | February 2024

COVID-19 News and Resources

Find an NCRN Partner Near You!

Search for support and services near you to find financial air, food assistance, medical care, and other free or reduced cost assistance. 

Search for Support Near You
An American Indian woman wears a Band-Aid on her arm and holds her head high. Text Reads: Be a Good Relative; Get Vaccinated; For the Elders, For the Youth, For the Future.

Be a Good Relative Campaign: COVID-19 & Influenza Vaccination

The National Council of Urban Indian Health (NCUIH) has created two toolkits for local partners to use in promoting COVID-19 and influenza vaccinations. Join us in our efforts to encourage urban Indians in our communities to #BeAGoodRelative and get vaccinated! 

NCUIH has also created four videos that promote staying up to date on COVID-19, seasonal influenza, and other adult vaccinations. Find all four videos on the NCUIH YouTube Playlist.

#BeAGoodRelative Campaign: Annual Vaccines

Vaccination Plan Technical Assistance

NCUIH also provides direct support and technical assistance to UIOs who are developing or adapting vaccination plans.  For more information, visit the Storytellers project or access templates and a discussion forum via the Emergency & Vaccine Planning Center

AUCD Outreach for COVID-19 & Flu Vaccines

New resources from January have been added to the toolkit!

The Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) created a vaccine outreach social media messaging toolkit with shareable resources including graphics and drafted captions. Please use the toolkit to help spread awareness in your community.

Access the Toolkit
Image of two young adults and one
toddler sitting in the grass.

NCRN Updates

National Community Accountability Coalition (NCAC) 

Insight Survey

Over the past three years, the National COVID-19 Resiliency Network (NCRN) has turned to dedicated community partners and over 300 local and national partners to help guide and assist us in our efforts. As a coalition, we have addressed COVID-19-related health disparities by collaborating, sharing resources, and increasing access to COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, and care to ensure our communities stay safe and healthy.

National Community Accountability Coalition (NCAC) Insight Survey
Take the Survey

We remain committed to addressing health disparities that are disproportionately impacting our communities. Listen to a special message from Dr. Dominic Mack, Director of the National Center for Primary Care, regarding the future of the network.

We want to hear from you! Share your insights about how the network can continue to support your work and the communities you serve.

Image of three young black women making the shape of a heart with their hands. Text over the image reads: Celebrate American Heart Health Month; Learn ways to be heart smart!

Celebrate American Heart Health Month

Heart disease is the number one killer of U.S. adults. However, some communities are at a higher risk than others. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that Black Americans were 30 percent more likely than non-Hispanic white people to die from heart disease in 2019. Black American women were also 50 percent more likely to have higher blood pressure than non-Hispanic white women.

The overlap of Black History Month and American Heart Month in February offers a chance for Black Americans to find out more about heart health. Below are some resources that can help:

NCRN aims to combat historical and systemic factors that have contributed to the increase in heart disease among Black Americans. By working together, we can reduce the risk of heart disease among Black Americans and Americans overall.

Use our Educational Resources to find more toolkits, resources, and information about heart disease, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and more. With the Support Finder, you can find health care centers, where to get your cholesterol checked, support services, and financial assistance near you.

Latest Podcast Episode

Check out the next episode of "Connections: Lessons in Building Healthy Communities." The fourth episode, “Rebuilding Together: Engaging Communities and Empowering Connections,” guest host Brionna Wicks, Community and Dissemination Research Assistant at NCRN, is joined by:  

  • LaShawn Hoffman, NCRN National Community Coalition Board Chair  

  • Silas Buchanan, NCRN National Community Coalition Board Co-Chair  

  • Nikia WhiteSpots, NCRN National Community Coalition Board Co-Chair   

In the episode, you will learn ways to support Community Health Workers in addressing current and upcoming health challenges, methods to build equitable partnerships with healthcare stakeholders, and how technology can connect community organization partners with communities in need.

Find the Episode
Blue graphic with illustrated people
moving puzzle pieces around. Text reads: Connections: Lessons in Building Healthy Communities; Rebuilding Together: Engaging Communities and Empowering Connections; Featuring LaShawn Hoffman, NCRN National Community Coalition Board Chair, Silas Buchanan, NCRN National Community Coalition Board Co-Chair, Nikia WhiteSpots, NCRN National Community Coalition Board Co-Chair.

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